Why You Need Renters Insurance If You’re a Renter

You buy insurance for your car and your health, so why not for your stuff? Whether you live in a small studio or a huge duplex, it’s important to protect your belongings, your house guests, and yourself in case the unexpected happens. If a fire or flood destroyed your things, would you be able to afford replacements? Renters insurance can help.

Why You Need Renters Insurance If You’re a Renter

Even though your landlord has insurance on your building, that protection does not extend to your personal belongings. Renters insurance policies can differ, but you can expect a typical policy to cover:

Your stuff is probably worth more than you think it is. The average renter has somewhere around $30,000 in personal property yet only 40% of renters have renters insurance. When you consider all the clothing, furniture, electronics, jewelry, and more that you own, would you be able to afford to replace it if something happened?

When disaster strikes, it is often unexpected and brings with it unexpected costs. Minimize your out-of-pocket expenses from:

Purchasing renters insurance is quick, easy, and affordable. Have we mentioned it’s affordable? Get a renters insurance quote from Safe Auto Group Agency and gain peace of mind knowing your personal belongings are protected.

*This is only a general description of coverage and is coverage is subject to terms, provisions, exclusions, and conditions.

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